Shipping Policy


The customer is responsible for all shipping costs from our factory. We do not issue refunds once order has been placed and has commenced production.

Orders are not insured unless requested on order form. All orders become the customer’s property upon factory’s delivery to carrier.
Customers should file claims with carrier for any delayed, lost or damaged shipments.

Carriers: The factory has the right to use the carrier of their choice at the customers cost

Overruns and Under Runs:

The factory reserves the right to over ship or under ship up to 5% and invoice accordingly. For exact quantity shipments, add an exact quantity fee of $32 ( GST ).

When it comes to the custom manufacturing of high-volume packaging orders, minor fluctuations in the final number of units produced against the exact volume that was ordered is a common event. In certain circumstances, you may receive a small additional quantity on your order, otherwise known as an overrun. Conversely, if you receive less than you ordered, this is known as an underrun.

While this aspect of the production process can understandably be a source of confusion for packaging buyers, it’s worth understanding so that you can factor in the possibility of a flux in your final order volume when budgeting costs and assessing inventory.

This fluctuation in final order count, no matter how small, can create real issues that impact your business and are problematic when not planned for. An excess of inventory due to an overrun can possibly affect storage space. On the other hand, an inventory shortage can delay product shipment.